About Us

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About Us

Set in quintessential Orchard Road lies a gem in Hibachi Japanese Casual Dining. Simple and minimalistic, Hibachi exudes Japanese modernity charm. 
Serving a hybrid between Kappo and Izakaya styled food, our carefully curated Ala Carte items feature fresh ingredients procured mainly from Japan. These melt-in-the mouth delicious food find justice over the warm chargrill fire. They are simply grilled over applewood dusted binchotan, leaving the meats and seafood a smoky finish, boasting their undeniable umami flavour. Whet your appetite with meticulously prepared appetizers before you start your gastronomical journey and drink to your hearts content with a range of delectable wines and spirits. 
Hibachi is officially opened for business from 27 April 2021. Hibachi means a traditional Japanese grill. During the harsh cold winter in certain parts of Japan, it is always warming to have meats and seafoods grilled over hibachi. The aromas fill the room while savoring the food over drinks. The very simple way of enjoying grilled food is exactly what Hibachi is all about.
Artfully handcrafted artisan gelato dessert or French inspired tarts is the finale to your entire experience with Hibachi, sending you right over the moon.
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Dewa, Itadakimasu!